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Efficient Tint is the premiere commercial window tinting business in the Rocklin-Sacramento area for all commercial window tinting projects. We can handle window film applications for businesses of any size, from those housed in towering skyscrapers to those with just a few street-front windows. Commercial window tinting provides protection from more than just harmful solar rays and glare—it can also increase your windows' ability to withstand blunt force and make removal of graffiti a simpler, less costly process. Window film can bring the comfort back into your office, keep your view, protect your valuables, and save you money. We carry an extensive window tint selection including films for heat reductions and energy management, anti graffiti window film, privacy blackout tint, safety and security.

Window Tinting For Your Business

Whether you need to reduce the bright glare, hot sun, or the bad UV rays, Efficient Tint only has the best products on the market to solve your problems. If you are looking for some privacy on your interior office windows, we have many frosted film options for privacy. Efficient Tint is capable of providing an e-film energy performance model that will show how much energy our film will save. You will also see a solid ROI (return on investment) of the entire project.

Commercial Window Tinting
Providing Comfort at T-Mobile, Oroville, California

Bird Safety Window Film

If you work in or manage a commercial property with a large volume of windows, you have likely witnessed or learned of multiple bird window collisions. The eyesight of many species of birds does not allow them to properly differentiate between open, safe sky and glass windows, and this is true whether the windows are optically clear or highly reflective.

Simply put, the more windows a building has, the more birds are going to accidentally fly into the building. This is especially true during migration season and whenever young birds first take to the air.

To help reduce accidental avian injury or death and to help keep your facility’s windows intact and cleaner at the same time, Contact Efficient Tint today to learn about the low cost and high effectiveness of bird window film.

Commercial bird window film is a simple, reliable, and affordable way to prevent birds from flying into the many windows of your office tower or the large plate glass panes of your retail location. Bird window film mimics the patterns of fritted glass, but is much less expensive to install than the process of retrofitting the actual windows.

Window Films For Bird Protection