Skylight Tinting

Skylight Window Tinting

Skylights are designed specifically to let bright, natural light fill the interior of your home. Unfortunately, along with the pleasant natural light, skylights also offer direct access for the unwanted ultraviolet and infrared light that can fade flooring and furniture and dramatically heat up your home. A skylight with window film applied to it will permit less than 1% of the damaging UV light that would penetrate untreated glass. Window tint for skylights will protect your floors and furniture from harmful UV rays and infrared heat that both cause sun bleaching and damage.

Improve Comfort, Reduce Heat, Glare, & Save Money with Skylight Tinting

The sunshine is a great asset to a building especially in sunny California, but too much sunlight streaming unchecked through skylights can mean a hot, faded interior. Let in the light you want and block out the rest using window tint on the skylights of your building. Whether you are concerned about safety and security, increased privacy, fading of furniture and flooring, or just want to keep your air conditioning costs down and home energy savings, we can help you achieve your home window tinting goals. Please contact us for a FREE Estimate and we will gladly help you choose from the variety of window films and decorative window treatments available.

Skylight Window Tinting