Decorative Films

Decorative Window Films

Decorative window Film has many uses. You can simply create privacy in an office without loosing the natural light coming through the glass. Sometimes bathrooms need the glass to be private and our decorative films can match the aesthetics to leave a clean look. We also have the ability to design custom films to any design one might have in mind. Don't hesitate to be imaginative and let Efficient Tint help you achieve all your decorative film needs. 

Frost and Decorative Window Film for Privacy

Making use of frost window film or etched window films is just the best way to make an interior completely private from the outside and still enjoy the benefit of pleasant sunlight. When an interior light is turned on at night those outside are able to see inside even through the darkest window tint. But decorative window film is even private at night when the lights are on.

Architectural Window Film for Commercial Real Estate

The architectural design of any office building, shopping mall, or retail storefronts cannot do without decorative window film. The appearance of any building, whether it's one, a group of buildings, or storefront facades that are close to each other, can be made to look alike with window film even if their designs are different. The value and appearance of a building can be greatly improved through Architectural window film that can make glass windows become the beauty of the structure.

Decorative Window Tinting

Frost Window Film for Interior Design

Frost window films not only prevent seeing in from the outside a building or residence, but can also be used for the interior decoration of a building. Frost window film can create a good private space for changing in a gym, spa, or clothing store. It can also create the privacy needed in a professional workspace like conference room or even office space. Frost windows can also be used for medical exam rooms, bathroom or wherever privacy is greatly needed.

Decorative Window Film for Retail Display and Promotion

Decorative window film can improve the appearance of whatever it is used for. Whether it is used for a storefront or a shopping mall kiosk, it can definitely make a change. The appearance of a structure can be made to look more beautiful just by making the glass more attractive. You might want to include a patterned or etched glass window film whenever you are creating designs of window for display or other type of sales or promotional installation.