Safety & Security

Safety & Security Window Film

Window film is an excellent way of giving your property that extra bit of security, at an extremely affordable price. Security window film makes it more difficult to break your windows, so thieves are kept out and your employees are kept safe. We’re delighted to offer this ideal solution to commercial property owners, so that you can rest assured that everything is protected, and thieves and vandals will meet their match should they try to break your windows.

How Security Window Film Works

Security window film keeps your property protected from damage to windows, whether that might be deliberate or accidental. The security window film is fitted to the existing window, giving an extra layer of protection that stops it from breaking on impact and shattering. Our security window film will help unwanted people stay out. The shatterproof feature also keeps your employees and customers safe, ensuring that they don’t hurt themselves in the event of an accident. By keeping the damaged glass fitted securely in the frame, the security window film will keep your property safe and secure round the clock. For More info or a Free Quote call (916) 899-7338

Safety & Security Window Film