UV/Solar Protection

UV Protection Window Film

Protection From UV Rays

It’s probably something you don’t even think about, but sunlight is actually having a big impact on your home every day. From your floors and walls to your furniture, fading and discoloration from sunlight can make your house look dull and washed-out. You might think that the only way to stop this is to keep your blinds and curtains shut 24/7, but there’s actually a much simpler solution- simply install window film. By tinting your windows in this way, you’ll ensure that everything in your home stays looking fresh and bright. Not even so-called low emissivity windows can offer the level of protection that a good quality window film can. The film is relatively inexpensive, and only needs to be fitted once and you’re all set to keep your home furnishings safe and fade-free.

Efficient Window Film Protects Your Interior, Furnishings & Belongings

The thing which affects the majority of homeowners the most is sun damage on hardwood floors. Just how much of an impact solar rays can have on your floor will largely depend upon the type of wood, but virtually all types are affected in some way, whether they become lighter or darker. Even if your floor has been treated with a coating like polyurethane, or if you have laminate floors, you’ll still likely find that the color starts to fade after a while. Some wooden floors still look attractive when they have been affected by the sun, but that’s only if they receive the same level of exposure all over- which just isn’t going to happen when the sun is shining through your windows. What’s much more likely is that everything in each room will fade at different rates, destroying the carefully curated look that you have spent time and money achieving.

However, it’s not just wooden floors that are affected by sun damage. Everything from your sofas and rugs, to the artwork that decorates your walls, to even your skin can be damaged by extended exposure to sunlight. You might think that you’re safe inside, but think again- so long as you allow ultraviolet waves through your windows, everything is being affected. UV rays might be invisible, but leave anything out in sunlight and you’ll eventually see their effect. The good thing is, quality window film will keep out 99.99% of UV rays, compared to a maximum of around 85% blocked by Low E windows. The choice is clear- window films really work, and ensure that your home stays looking great for many years to come.