Energy Savings

Sun Control Window Film Conserves Energy

Sun control window film conserves energy. Installing window tint is a smart and efficient way to conserve energy and save money. Windows without heat rejecting film are usually the largest source of heat gain in a home and office. This heat gain also causes uneven temperatures in a room. Heat rejecting window film can even out the temperature in a home, so every room can be utilized no matter what time of year it is.

Sun Control Window Film Reduces Hotspots

Energy Savings: Sun control Window films pay for themselves fast, often within 2 -3 years, and go to work immediately upon installation. Compare that to new high performance window which, because of their high cost, sometimes never pay for themselves.

Efficient Tint can provide ane-film model that will actually show the reduction of energy usage through the implementation of window film. It is a high tech software readily available for our use. Heat rejecting window film can lower a building's carbon footprint, save money, and protect our precious environment. For More info or a Free Quote call (916) 899-7338

Energy Savings With Home Window Tinting
Save Energy with Commercial Window Films & Home Window Tinting.